Rent Hydraulic Power UnitComplete rental

Quickly available rental winches and power and fully customizable. Our team of hydraulic experts and engineers have experience in finding technical solutions for small and large projects in various industries among which dredging, shipping and diving and salvage companies.

Hydraulic Rental ServiceService and

Dégra Rental offers a high standard of service regarding quality and maintenance. In addition, we can arrange transport, turnkey delivery and handling onsite. Read more about our service options or contact us for more information.

Hydraulic Extra's BiodegradableBiodegradable oil and more extra's

It's possible to include many extra's to your rental equipment. For example Dégra Rental can offer different kind of ropes like Dyneema and Dynice. Another option is the use of biodegradable oil to meet environmental requirements. We also have different safety options available.