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25 kN @ 180 bar | Dimensions: 799x600x640mm | Weight excl rope 250 kg | more options ...

120 kN @ 186 bar | Dimensions: 880x856x815mm | Weight excl rope 875 kg | more options ...

Up to 600 kN | Wire rope capacity of 250m |
More options ...

hydraulic winch 5 ton

75 kN | Dimensions: 901x682x655mm | Weight excl rope 555 kg | more options ...


Up to 200 kN @ 230 bar | Wire rope capacity of 180m |
More options ...

100 kN @ 165 bar | Dimensions: 789x700x665mm | Weight excl rope 528 kg | more options ...

hydraulic winch 30 ton

Up to 300 kN | Wire rope capacity of 480 m |
More options ...

Hydraulic rental winches

Do you want to rent a hydraulic winch? At Degra Rental you'll find a wide range of winches. Our range consists of hydraulic winches, electric winches, capstans and spooling winches. All for rent in combination with a power unit. Because of our large rental fleet we can deliver quickly and can easily handle large projects. For more information, please contact us bycalling +31 186 64 21 89 or send an email to

At the moment you find a small part of our rental fleet on our website, take a look at website for more possibilities. Everything within our sales offer is also for rent.

Line pull and strength

Our rental winches vary in line pull, brake load and wire rope storage. There are winches available with pulling forces ranging from 5 tons to 60 tons. Need more strength? Please contact us. We can custom build or make technical adjustments for your rental project. Our winches are suitable for lifting, pulling, mooring, anchor handling and more.

Wire storage

In addition to varying line pull, the wire storage differs for each rental winch. Please contact us with any questions.

Industries and projects

All our winches are built as compact as possible and can be used for various projects and industries. We have experience renting out our winches for salvage work, diving companies, construction companies and many maritime projects. Check out our project page for examples and possibilities.

Complete solutions

To work with our winches, we (almost) always rent them out in combination with a power unit. It is also possible to combine our equipment with your own resources. Together we always come up with a complete solution. In addition to separate winches and power units, we also rent out solutions combining both winch and power unit within one unit.

Turnkey rental service

Degra Rental offers a turnkey rental service. We deliver and install the winch(es) and the power unit(s) on location. It is also possible for one of our operators to handle the winch.

Technical extras

All our rental winches can be equipped with various technical extras. Think of a pressure roller, drum guard or, for example, Dyneema rope.